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Inside the House of Dior's ateliers

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The Haute Couture looks are tailor-made for each customer.
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The skirt is composed of fabric panels cut from a tailor-made pattern fitted on the customer who has ordered it.
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In Haute Couture, each detail needs to be perfect, the major part of the sewing is done by hand.
Couverture Gamma Rapho
Two qualified dressmakers are working together on the same dress for a customer. A small part of the work can be made using a sewing machine.
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Several fittings on the tailored cast bust are necessary to best adjust the look ordered to the measurements of the customer.
“Fashion designers offer one of the last refuges of the marvelous. They are, in a way, the masters of dreams...”
Christian Dior, Dior by Dior, 1958
“What can I tell you of my house? How can one speak of the present and what one lives for? My firm is, in fact, the whole of my life.”
Christian Dior, Talking About Fashion, 1954
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