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Madame Marguerite’s fitting rooms

Technical Director of the Ateliers, Madame Marguerite, nicknamed "Dame Couture" by Christian Dior, had a small fitting salon next to the studio.

MARGUERITE CARRE Christian Dior Archives

Marguerite Carré, the Technical Director of Christian Dior, is doing the fittings on the model Sylvie in the small fitting salon, circa 1948.

Through his friend, the decorator Georges Geoffroy, Christian Dior met Marguerite Carré, who had been a designer at Patou for 18 years. “Dame Couture,” as he named her, “whose passion for dresses could equal mine,” joined the House at the time of its launch, as technical director. She provided the essential link between the studio and the ateliers, which she directed. In the two fitting rooms adjoining the studio, Madame Marguerite saw all the prototypes before they were presented to Christian Dior.

“I had acquired great technical knowledge during my 16 years at Worth, then at Patou. I could explain to the head seamstresses how to put together the toiles that I was supervising. And once a toile had gone as far as it could go to express the sketch, I decided to show it to Dior.”
Marguerite Carré

30 Avenue Montaigne

Enter the heart of 30 Avenue Montaigne, this “packed little beehive” where the Christian Dior legend was born 75 years ago!