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Christian Dior’s office (1946)

The Christian Dior company was created on 8 October 1946, as a partnership between Marcel Boussac, a renowned textile manufacturer, and Christian Dior. The couturier was closely involved in the running of the company, as both director and creative director.

In the initial years, Christian Dior occupied a modest office overlooking the courtyard, near that of his secretary, Madame Vidmer. When the studio moved to 13, rue François Ier, in 1951, his office moved to a small adjoining room.


Christian Dior sketching in his office, circa 1950.

Little pink record slips

A few days before the fashion show, his desk filled up with little pink record slips, filled in as the prototypes were completed, from which Christian Dior himself determined the price of each one. They recorded the time that had been spent on each prototype, as well as the costs of labor and of the materials necessary to make it. To this were added general costs, social security charges and mark-up costs. However, above all, the price of a garment had to correspond to its type, so a little woolen dress could not be sold for the price of an evening dress, even if it required a great number of hours of work.


Madame Marguerite (Technical Director) and Christian Dior choose the fabrics for the next collection, circa 1949.

Laboratory of ideas

Twice a year, Christian Dior designed the Haute Couture collections from which everything was constructed, and he supervised the impeccable management of the House, down to the smallest detail. He wrote that Haute Couture was, above all, “a laboratory, and the dress prototypes” that would travel far and wide. On his initiative, the House rapidly built commercial links abroad, through the establishment of branches or by granting production licenses.

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Presentation brochure for the house of Christian Dior: The Christian Dior Label, 1953.

30 Avenue Montaigne

Enter the heart of 30 Avenue Montaigne, this “packed little beehive” where the Christian Dior legend was born 75 years ago!